Sunday, May 11, 2014

Strip is back!!

Yay! Today we saw one of my favorite birds! A Red-breasted Nuthatch! As you should know, we used to have a Red-breasted Nuthatch around our feeders all the time that we named Strip. But when we came home from our Ontario trip last summer he was gone. Strip was the only bird that would eat off our hands.

Strip on my hand a year or two ago.
I actually don't know if this Red-breasted Nuthatch is the real Strip, but we're going to call him that!
I got some good pictures of him this morning. I'll try and see if it will eat off my hands sometime.
We did see some Red-breasted Nuthatches in Ontario, so it is not a new yearer.
One of the Red-breasted Nuthatches from Ontario
Red-breasted Nuthatch we saw when on our Rough-legged Hawk outing with Christian Artuso in the fall

Christian said we may not see them here until the winter, but I guess he was wrong.
Strip on my hand last Spring
These little birds are so cute as they creep up and down the trees. I hope it stays all summer and winter long.
Here is the picture I got this morning.
Here he is, so cute.

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