Saturday, May 10, 2014


Seeing a Clay-colored Sparrow, a Barn Swallow and hearing a Great Crested Flycatcher today put me past 100 species this year. I am at 102 sp. I am very impressed that I already have that many. I'd like to thank Christian Artuso for taking me on an 'Owl Prowl' and taking me to Oak Hammock Marsh recently, (blog post to come, be patient) that helped me on boosting my year list as well as my life list. Going to Ontario also helped start off my year list. I'd love a comment from you saying how many species you've seen this year.

Another thing. I will be making a change to my life list. It says I have 162 sp., but I will be lowering it to 147 sp. You might be wondering why I am doing this, because quite a few of the species I don't actually remember seeing, like the ones from Assateague Island in 2009. I wasn't interested in birds then and didn't pay attention to them, so I don't remember them.
I have compiled a life list with dates that I got from ebird checklists and picture dates. I don't have the exact date for all of them so I guess best I could for some of them. 



  1. Congratulations! And I'm impressed by your integrity in removing those 15 species. Any form of bird-sighting listing needs to be based on implicit honesty - to yourself as well as others, so congratulations on that decision.

    My species count for 2014 includes parts of Alberta and BC and stands at 124, certainly the highest count at this point in the year I've had.

  2. Impressive year list! Fantastic work in a relatively small area nd you have many more to come yet. Since you asked, my Manitoba list for this year is at 146 to date but I have travelled to a variety of locations, including some parts of the boreal forest so it is not really a list for a small area. The record for Manitoba, by the way, is 303 species seen in the province in one year.