Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring has Sprung (Final Part)

This will be my final part, even though I would like to do many more because I have so many pictures.

On one bike ride with my brother, we saw a Red-tailed Hawk, it landed on a sign across the road. We took turns taking pictures of it. I had the camera when it launched into the air and flew right over us.
Red-tailed Hawk
A few types of sparrows have showed up. We aren't lacking an amount of Fox Sparrows!
Fox Sparrow
 White-throated Sparrow started to show up about a week ago.
White-throated Sparrow with seed
Purple Finches are still singing lustily
We have been seeing Goldfinches in the winter and spring already, but this is the first almost full summer plumage one!

Male American Goldfinch almost in full summer plumage
Like every year, Ruby-crowned Kinglets are common. I love these tiny birds!

Golden-crowned Kinglets are also fairly common here. Me and my brother got really close to one and we both got really good pictures, He may have got the best one though, here it is.
Golden-crowned Kinglet 

Finally the yellow-rumps started to show up! I love there striking plumage.
Yellow-rumped Warbler
We have also been seeing quite a few Brown Creepers. They are fairly friendly birds and we were able to get really close to them.
Brown Creeper, creeping up a log
Song Sparrow's have also returned, there song is often heard around here
Song Sparrow singing
Hermit Thrushes are still very common, I was able to get close to one a couple times 
Hermit Thrush

And that concludes my 'Spring has Sprung' series. Of course that doesn't mean I won't make any more posts about spring birds, so stay tuned, and happy birding!

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