Friday, May 23, 2014

Feathers on Friday

For fun and maybe for eggs, our family is hatching chickens. It is also very educational. We got eggs from our friends and have had them in an incubator for a couple weeks. For the last few days we have seen them wiggling and heard them chirping, but just this morning a few broke through the shell. Two have fully hatched so far!

Here is an egg that is just starting to hatch. It usually takes about 10 hours for them to fully hatch
An egg starting to hatch.
 The two that have hatched are Bareneck chickens. It's a breed where the necks are featherless.
Two chicks!

Thanks to Prairie Birder for the Feathers on Friday prompt.

Stay tuned! I'll be making a post about them when they all hatch!


  1. Good luck with the hatching! I also have eggs in our incubator too, they should hatch the first and second week of June. The eggs I put in our incubator are Lavender and Chocolate Orpingtons.

    1. The hatching was a big success! We got 30 out of 36 chicks! We are going to give them back to our friends who gave us the eggs though. We want to try again next year and possibly keep them.