Saturday, June 28, 2014

Nest Box Updates

I've been doing hardly any birding lately, and I've hardly been checking the nest boxes, except for the one across the road. The one across the road is housing a pair of Tree Swallows, who are the parents to bunch of chicks. 
The chicks
 This picture is a bit fuzzy, but it is the parent with the chicks, they don't like me doing that to much.
The parent and the chicks

I checked the other boxes today, the other one across the road is still vacant. I found a couple sticks in the wren box, but they are an unfortunate pair of birds, one of the screws came off and now it's facing downwards, I think they've abandoned it.
I don't the kestrel box, there were Tree Swallows nesting in it, I didn't see any flying around, and it's to high for me to check. The other box near the kestrel box is full of sticks, I'm not sure what kind of bird is nesting.

Stay tuned for more updates from the boxes.

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