Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring has Sprung (Part 2)

Taking a look at the weather, Spring will be delayed till next week. We're in the minuses almost all week.

Me and my brother started taking walks and bike rides almost every day to see what we could see.
I would usually go in the morning when everyone was still asleep and later in the day. I would first go outback then walk or bike on the road.
A raggedy looking raven 
 I was out around the yard one day and I saw a Bald Eagle fly by. Me and my brother went out onto the road to look for it. Sure enough, a black spot in a tree a couple fields and roads away. We walked down the road until we got close enough for decent pictures, which took along time.
Bald Eagle sitting in a tree
 It flew and I got some good pictures of it
Bald Eagle
 Another day, my brother was watching birds from the window, and he saw a Sharp-shinned Hawk. He got some okay pictures of it. We have seen it a couple times around the yard since then.
Sharp-shinned Hawk

Flying Sharp-shinned Hawk
 We had been seeing a Red-tailed Hawk around the neighborhood, and when my brother was out for a walk one day he got some pictures of it with nesting material.
Red-tailed Hawk nest building
Robins are now very common, singing their cheery song.
American Robin
We have been seeing a kestrel around the neighborhood, they're pretty hard to get good pictures, they're so quick.
American Kestrel
My brother got this picture of it with prey
Kestrel with prey
Robin eating berries

Stay tuned for more exciting birds that we've been seeing!

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