Thursday, April 3, 2014

Road Trip to the East - Ontario Birds (Part 3)

This is the fifth post in the Road Trip to the East series. See my other posts:

The Red-bellied Woodpecker was common around the yard and feeders. You can tell it is a female because the reddish orange on it's head doesn't go all the way to it's beak.
Female Red-bellied Woodpecker
 I was lucky to get this shot of a cardinal flying through the bush.
Northern Cardinal
When I was sitting out watching the feeder birds, I heard a sound across the yard. I went over to see what it was. Suddenly the Sharp-shinned Hawk flew from some trees and landed on a branch not far away. I don't even know if the sound was the hawk.
Sharp-shinned Hawk

 The male cardinals have such bright colors they make it seem like they are tropical birds.
Male Northern Cardinal
The females are a lots more drab, but still pretty.
Female Northern Cardinal
 A grackle came to the feeder also.
Common Grackle
 Can you spot what's wrong with this picture? I flipped it upside down. The squirrel was hanging upside down from feeder eating suet, very funny to watch.
Flipped picture of this squirrel eating upside down.
 I believe there wasn't only a Sharp-shinned Hawk living there, but also a Red-tailed. Every time we walked down to the river it would screech and fly by.
Red-tailed Hawk
 One day we also noticed some cedar waxwings and got some pictures of them. There were also lot's of robins at the river.
Cedar Waxwings by the riverbank.

Stay tuned for the next part!

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