Monday, April 7, 2014

Road Trip to the East - The Drive Back

In Ontario I inherited some old bird books, which are pretty cool. I got one from 1945, and a bunch of newer ones. We also got two pairs of fair binoculars that we will use for the family.
We left Ontario with lots of birds seen. I tallied all the birds we saw, except I started letting off on crows, starlings and Rock Doves.
Most of the pictures on this post my brother took.
There were lots of Red-tailed Hawks early into the drive.
Red-tailed Hawk picture I got
Here's a picture of lots of Rock Doves lined up on a wire, you can see their variations in color.
Rock Doves
 Here's another Red-tail
Red-tailed Hawk
 We saw a couple Bald Eagles, and quite a few Turkey Vultures
My brother got some really cool pictures of two Red-tails that were fighting.
Red-tailed Hawks chasing eachother
 He also got this picture as they flew over
Red-tailed Hawk
 At one of the rest stops there were a couple Turkey Vultures flying over, I got some good pictures
Turkey Vulture
 Nearing the end of the trip we started seeing Rough-legged Hawks.
Rough--legged Hawk
One of the few Bald Eagles we saw.
Bald Eagle
 As we came into Manitoba we started seeing Snow Buntings and Horned Larks. My brother had never seen Horned Larks before. I got my first picture of Horned Larks.
Horned Larks flying beside the road
The totals of Bald Eagles added up to about 3 or 4, the total of Red-tailed Hawks added up to over 70!! What a great trip we had to the East.

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