Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekly What Bird

Note: I have decided to change it to Wednesday instead of Saturday from now on! Also if you make your own Weekly What Bird post and put the link in the comments I'll put the link in my post.

I am not sure what this bird is so that's why I put it up. I have some ideas of what it is but I'm not sure.
 I'd love any guesses and advice! Thanks!

I took this photo at Oak Hammock Marsh with the family

Bird Boy and Prairie Birder who guessed last weeks Weekly What Bird correct, a female Black and White Warbler.


  1. The reddish cap, eye line, and pink bill suggest it's a Field Sparrow.

    1. Thanks! That is great! Field Sparrows are rare in Manitoba.
      Also I said we were with Christian Artuso when I took the photo, but I remember now we were not.

  2. This is an American Tree Sparrow. American Tree Sparrow migrate regularly through southern Manitoba. Field Sparrow is rare here. By the way, Field Sparrow looks extremely similar to American Tree Sparrow but has a more rufous colour on the back with black streaks (not brown). The bill is a key feature (all pink in Field Sparrow versus dark on top with pinkish-yellow below in American Tree Sparrow) but because it is in shadow in the photo it is hard to see the colour of the bill well. Field Sparrow usually has a more obvious and more complete eye-ring than American Tree Sparrow too.