Saturday, May 9, 2015

Funny Squirrel Pictures

And now for the randomest post I have ever done! :D :D :D

Just for the fun of it; some silly squirrel and chipmunk photos I have taken. Not very birdy, but still funny!

Here's a chipmunk stuffing his face with food, that seems to be what they do best.
Eastern Chipmunk
 I really like this photo I got of a Chipmunk running. It makes me laugh every time I see it.
Eastern Chipmunk
 The squirrel takes too big of bite. A whole pine cone! At least there's lots of Vitamin C!

"Nom nom nom. Bird seed is yummy"
 By the looks of his face it looks like he knows he's not supposed to be taking the bird seed; stuffing as much of it into his mouth as he can.
"I'm not taking anything."

And that's all!

UPDATE: That's not all! I forgot about these two we took in Ontario a while ago.

Black Squirrel upsidedown

Stretching and eating all at the same time!

And now that's all!


  1. Ha ha! I like the chipmunk running; he or she looks very funny in that photo. We are going to Massachusetts and Maine very soon to visit family; our grandparents have two resident chipmunks whom we call Mr. and Mrs. Chippy. We will definitely do some birding while we're there, I'll post as many posts as I can about Maine and Massachusetts birding!

    1. I'll be looking forward to the post! Check out the new photos I added to the post! I forgot about them.