Friday, May 29, 2015

Birdathon/Feathers on Friday/Long-eared Owl chicks

Today I did my birdathon... which was looking grim... It seemed it was going to be a disaster, last night I had a bad cold, and the weather was foul.

I slept in till 8, thinking I might need the sleep for my cold. The weather was still really bad, we started out to Oak Hammock Marsh, hoping the banding would be going on. We got there, it was terrible windy, they didn't have the banding because of that.
We still set out around the marsh, and started racking up the species, and lifers!

And... I'll skip all the details until I'll make the full post. But, in the end we ended up with 90 species, and 9 lifers!!! For the weather, and having a cold, I think I did pretty good! Christian Artuso helped us in the afternoon too, after he visited to look at the Long-eared Owl chicks that are in our back forest.

I forget to mention that, we found the Long-eared Owl nest! And three chicks!

For my first Birdathon, I think I did pretty absobalutly fantastic! I wasn't planning at all to do a hardcore style birdathon, and was thinking if my sickness got worse I might have had to cancel it! Good thing I didn't, I saw some pretty nice birds!!!!

So... this is a Feathers on Friday post. Here's the feathers! We saw some Great-horned Owl young around Assiniboine Park, they make some nice photographing subjects! Let us get fairly close.

Yawwwwn! Okay, it's a bit late here, I am not doing a 12-12 birdathon. So, time for me to go to bed. But, stay tuned!!!!! I have so many pictures I want to show you. I will hopefully maybe get the pictures done tomorrow if I work hard (like that ever happens). So, stay tuned for a post tomorrow, but you probably don't trust me anymore when I say stuff like that, because I say it all the time, and I always never do it..

But, goodbye for now....

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