Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Road Trip to the East - Hotel Birding

We made it past Chicago and stopped at a hotel at about 2:00 Am in Chesterton. After a couple hours of sleep we got up again to set off. When we were taking out some stuff to the van we noticed the small habitat. A small marsh and some trees, there were lots of birds (at least lots compared to what were used to in winter in Winnpeg). Red-winged Blackbirds called among the rushes, a cardinal sang melodiously. We saw some juncos and Blue Jays also.
We noticed a bunch of robins on the lawn, I was busy loading up the van my twin brother took this picture.
American Robin
There was a group of House Sparrows on the roof, then they started fighting, it was quite funny to watch, them flying around wildly and chirping loudly at each other.
House Sparrow on the roof.
My brother got this picture.
Red-winged Blackbird showing off it's wings.
A Song Sparrow was sitting among the trees.
Song Sparrow doing what it does best, singing.
This is when we noticed the ISO was up the highest it could go and made all the pictures noisy, we quickly changed it. My brother got this picture also, it's one of my favorites.
Red-winged Blackbird Singing

 I saw something on the grass, Killdeer. My brother was taking pictures of Red-winged Blackbird and he didn't notice them, I asked him for the camera and I went over and got some pictures.
 When we were about to leave we spotted a Bald Eagle and a Sandhill Crane far off, and also a Mourning Dove.
Mourning Dove
 ebird Checklist:
Quality Inn, Chesterton Indiana

Stay tuned for the next part.

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