Thursday, February 27, 2014

Owl Prowl (Final Part)

This is the final part of the 'owl prowl' with Christian Artuso, click here for the second part and here for the first part.

Here are some pictures of the Great Grey Owl from our camera:

It turns to get ready to fly.

It launches into the air!

Me (right) and my brother with the owl in the background (the blob where the arrow is pointing).

We drove to the end of Breezy Point Road and went back. We passed the owl again, and saw the one we had seen before, plus another Great Grey, that makes three all together!

We decided to go to Oak Hammock Marsh to see if there was a Snowy Owl there. We had lunch in the parking lot and got ready to go again. We drove around near Oak Hammock Marsh, we saw a group of Blue Jays and a couple of Snow Buntings. We hoped to see some Grey Partridge, but there weren't any. We drove along the highway scanning the poles for snowy's. Still nothing. There aren't very many snowy's here this winter, most are along the east coast this year.

We headed back to Lockport to see if the hawk owl was still there. Christian called out to stop the car. Something big that looked like a chicken was sitting in a tree. It must be a grouse. We all watched it until we figured out it was a wasp nest, what a let down. :)
It's a bird! It's a grouse!... Oh wait, it's a wasp nest.
 We went behind the Subway again to see if the hawk owl was there. It wasn't sitting in the same branch. Then we spotted it sitting in a different tree, we had a better view than before.
Northern Hawk Owl
 It was windy and cold now so we didn't stay long.
It was a better view than before.

We went home and loaded the pictures on the computer with Christian. After hot chocolate and cookies we went outback to see if we could see the owl. We never saw it, but we saw a raven and magpie.

ebird checklists:
Oak Hammock Marsh
Breezy Point
Bray Road East

Thank you Christian for taking us out! It was great!

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