Monday, February 17, 2014

Old and New Birds

At the end of 2013 I had 135 sp. on my life list and 2013 year list. I have looked through my pictures and sent some to Christian Artuso and found out there were some species I didn't have on my life list.

I remembered seeing Sharp-shinned Hawks on our Ontario trip and I forgot to put them on my life list and year list. That's 136 sp. for my life list!

At Oak Hammock Marsh we saw some Tundra Swans which I forgot to put on my life list. 137!

I sent a picture of a thrush to Christian and he identified it as a Gray-cheeked Thrush. 138 for my life list!
Gray-cheecked Thrush
I had two pictures of Eastern Wood Pewee's that I hadn't identified. 139 sp.!
Eastern Wood Pewee

I found some old pictures from our trip to Assateague Island in 2009 of some birds. I sent a couple to Christian and he told me they were Great Egret, Snowy Egret and Glossy Ibis. 142 sp.!
Great Egret

Snowy Egret
Glossy Ibis

Just yesterday we went out with Christian Artuso on a 'Owl Prowl'. We saw a Northern Hawk Owl and three Great Gray Owls!! One very close to the road which gave us excellent photos! That was my first Great Gray, and it's Manitoba's provincial bird! 143 sp.! My year list is at 16 sp. because we saw some crows and Snow Buntings yesterday also! Stay tuned for the upcoming post!
Here's one of the hundreds of photos of the Great-gray Owls

Christian sent me the ebird checklists for a time we were out together in early spring. I was surprised at how many birds were in there that weren't on my life list. Here are the birds, Gadwall, American Wigeon, Northern Pintail, Lesser Scaup, Ruddy Duck, Red-necked Grebe, Swainson’s Hawk, Wilson’s Snipe, Wilson’s Phalarope, Forster’s Tern, Marsh Wren, American Pipit, Swamp Sparrow. That brings my life list up to 156 sp.!!


  1. Wow, that's some increase without leaving home :-)

    1. I know, I've only seen one new species since then yet have like 15 new birds on my life list!

  2. I remember when we saw the great egret, at first we thought it was a grocery bag caught in a tree!

  3. Congrats on all the new lifers!