Monday, December 2, 2013

House Sparrow Galore

I saw a huge flock of birds fly over our house the other day. I snapped some pictures as they flew over a couple times.
A small part of the flock
 They went out of sight for a minute, then they dove down and swooped right by our feeders. I saw a flash of color and thought they might be Evening Grosbeaks. They swooped down again and landed. Then I could clearly see they were House Sparrows. There were so many!

 I had never seen that many together at once. They flocked on the driveway but when our dog scared them away they all flew to the back feeders.
Bandit our dog chasing them
Wow! Chest deep!

At our back feeders

They kept picking at cars. I am not sure why they did it but my
guess is they are trying to get sand for their digestive system

Two female House Sparrows.

Flying away.

The snow used to be all flat until the House Sparrows came.

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