Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas for Bird Watchers

I bought a IdentiFlyer Singing Bird Alarm Clock when I was in Ontario. I really like it and it would be a fabulous Christmas gift! You can buy different song cards for it to play different bird sounds.

The Peregrine Fund has a host of great gifts, T-shirts and clothing, Christmas ornaments, water bottles and mugs, carved raptor pens, raptor posters, puzzles and games like Bird-Opoly, hats or their 2014 Raptor Calender and a selection of other things.
Raptors: Birds of Prey T-ShirtPens - Assorted Carved Wooden Bird of Prey Pens

A nest box would be a great gift for Christmas!
A pair of nest boxes my brother William and I made

Tree Swallows at nesting box.

See Prairie Birder's post Holiday Gifts for Birders on her monthly Bird Canada post.

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  1. Wonderful ideas, I really like the singing alarm clock.