Friday, May 5, 2017

Leaving for Europe and My Birdathon Results

Hello all! Yesterday I did my birdathon, which is a fundraiser for bird conservation and research. Christian Artuso took me and my twin brother Matthew on a birding expedition for the day to try and see as many birds as we could. We just broke one hundred, totaling 101 species of birds, which is more than I was expecting considering it is not the peak of migration. 

If you would like to support bird conservation you can donate to my page HERE and make the important part and purpose of the birdathon a success.
Thank you for your generosity, any donations are very appreciated!

And for some more exciting news, we will be leaving on a trip to Europe in a few days. We will be going to Rome, Hungary and Holland. I am planning to do plenty of birding along the way and get lots of pictures, so keep an eye out for posts in about a month. Because I will be gone for a few weeks, I will try to make some posts documenting my birdathon experience automatically post periodically when I am gone. I will also attempt to post some updates along the way if I find the time, so stay tuned!
American White Pelican seen on my Birdathon

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