Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Page, Mammal Life List

All my life I loved mammals, even since I was very young. I never had an intense interest like I do with birds but I always liked to watch them and draw them. I read many books about mammals, especially bears, which were my favorite. I wrote a little series with information on mammals called the 'All About Series' when I young.
My new Mammal Life List page only has listed the mammals I have seen in the wild!
I just started a mammal life list on this blog. I tried to recall all the wild mammals I have seen in my life. When I was young we took a trip to South Dakota and camped there and saw many different types of mammals, bison, Mountain Goats, Bighorn Sheep, Elk and many others. Here are a few pictures that we have of mammals.

A Chipmunk that was living under our porch for a bit, until we found it dead in our garage.

THIS PHOTO IS NOT IN WILD! This is at cinnamon colored Black Bear in Bear Country U.S, a sort of a zoo. Black Bears can vary in color from cinnamon, to brown to even white!

THIS PHOTO IS NOT IN WILD! A group of Black Bear cubs at Bear Country U.S

A wild Donkey in South Dakota

A Pronghorn Antelope in South Dakota

A herd of bison in South Dakota

Me with a wild Donkey in South Dakota when I was 6 years old

A bison in South Dakota

A Gray Wolf

A deer I saw a couple of weeks ago eating up my mom's gardens

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