Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tennessee Warbler and more

Tennessee Warbler, click on any picture for fullscreen
I went for a walk around my yard this morning, birds were singing everywhere. There were many, many, many Tennessee Warblers. Everywhere you looked they were flitting around in bushes and trees. Even though there were so many, it was difficult to get a good picture because they were never still, they are  lively little birds.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

The new Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas newsletter is out.I put and article and pictures in it. Mine is called "Birds In a Day" Story and Photos by Josiah Van Egmond. 
My article, click on image for full newsletter

Drawing the falcon

We are doing renovations in our sun room and we were allowed to draw on the drywall. I drew a falcon and cut it out and saving it in my room.
The falcon I drew
A Dragonfly

I Also have included some pictures of us biking to birds hill.

Biking over the flood way

Us biking over the highway

A bee


  1. Congratulations Josiah on an excellent article and an excellent contribution to the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas. Keep up the great work!