Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tricoloured Heron

Here's a mini post of when we first got to the resort we were staying at in Florida. The first thing we did was photograph this Tricoloured Heron.

This pretty bird was sitting at the edge of a pond, quite tolerant of us.
Tricoloured Heron
 And at almost every pond there are Muscovy Ducks. At first when I saw them I thought they were domestic, but it ends up the are feral populations, not native to the area. They are very tolerant of humans, you can walk right by them and they won't budge.
Muscovy Duck
The herons were some of my favorite birds that we saw in Florida, they're really beautiful birds.


  1. Very nice Tricoloured Heron! How many Lifers did you get in Florida?

    1. Thanks! We saw 39 lifers in all. Which weren't all in Florida, some were on the way.