Friday, April 17, 2015

Feathers on Friday

Here is my FoF. We have a lot of spring birds around now, including Bluebirds! There were about five Eastern Bluebirds across the road in a field. About four males, which were all fighting. Later that day we saw a male and female Bluebird checking out some nests!! So exciting! Finally we will probably get bluebirds nesting near our house. We hear them calling a lot/

Here are some pictures. We have more, but they'll come in a Spring Birding post.

Here is the male checking out a hole in a old tree. For those who are a veeerryy long time follower, which I don't know if there are, this is the tree I found some abandoned eggs in like three or four years ago. I made a post about it, that was very near the beginning of my blog's life.

William took these photos.
Eastern Bluebird male
 The other site they are checking out is a bird box! Exciting!
Eastern Bluebird female
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