Friday, March 20, 2015

Aurora Borealis 2015

Some crazy solar flare or something caused some pretty big geomagnetic storm and people have been seeing northern lights all over Canada and into the USA. I believe there were reports as far as northern California.
We see Aurora Borealis on occasion, but several days ago I saw the best that I've seen before. Some were directly over head, like emerald curtains dancing in the night. There was even pink and purple, and on the pictures a bit of blue. It was quite a show! I was blown away by the beauty and splendor of it. My parents who used to work in Churchill have seen better. I'm sure it was nice for them to see northern lights a little closer to what they saw up north.

The pictures weren't taken by me alone, we took turns. But a lot of them were by me.

Here are some pictures we took that night:

Aurora Borealis
 The blues really come out in this photo. The shutter speed was on 30 seconds, so we had to stay still for 30 seconds if we wanted to be solid in the picture. In this photo I took the picture and ran into my spot, so I am partly transparent, the lights are shining through me.
Aurora Borealis - Me and my brother watching them
 It changed very quickly, sometimes it was very bright but concentrated in spots, sometimes it was a bit dimmer and stretched across the sky. They stretched across the horizen, from right above us to low to the ground, and all the way across the northern sky.
Aurora Borealis
 Like a snake it wove across the sky.
Aurora Borealis - Me posing for the picture

Aurora Borealis - My brother watching them
 There are some pink in the right side of this picture.
Aurora Borealis - Me and my twin brother
 This picture was fun. Me and my brother were standing still as the picture was being taken, suddenly, a car turns around the corner. Uh oh. I was counting down. 3... 2... 1... Run! Me and William dashed off the road as the car zoomed by. Halfway on it's way by, the picture stopped, so now there is a light smeared at our feet in this picture, but stopping before the edge of the other side. In my opinion, it looks pretty cool.
Aurora Borealis
 What do you see in this picture?... Maybe an army of ghosts? And one solid person. We stayed still for about ten seconds, then moved to a different spot, thus, only a shadow of us is caught on the camera. One of my brothers stayed still for the whole picture though, so he is solid all the way through.
Aurora Borealis - Ghost army!
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