Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weekly What Bird Wednesday

If you would like to join me for my W.W.B.W. leave a guess in the comments below or make your own weekly what bird post.

Can you guess this bird from spring?
Leave your guess in the comments

The Cats and the Birds actually guessed last weeks! I wasn't expecting anyone to get it. It was a Great Blue Heron footprint, by the Red River Floodway. Click here for the Spring Has Sprung Part 4 post, which I kind of hinted to. If you scroll down a bit there will be a picture of two Great Blue Herons. We found the footprint nearby on the road.


  1. Finding it was the hard part. ID was easy.
    At first I was tempted to just give up and say Brown Creeper. Thankfully I found it and saved me from bitter disgrace.

    1. Yes, Brown Creepers do have the tenancy to stay well hidden on bark.

  2. Dark Eyed Junco... the tail gives it away.