Saturday, December 20, 2014

Oak Hammock Marsh CBC 2014 Quick Post

This is not the full post for the Christmas Bird Count. Christian sent us just a few low quality pictures from the count that we took on his camera. He is going send the rest on a memory stick in the mail. Once they arrive I will make a full post.

Once at Oak Hammock Marsh we headed out with Christian. We saw a Snowy Owl almost right away!! It was the first bird we saw the day! And a lifer I have been seeking for all the time I've been birding.

We drove around seeing lots of great birds! Including White-winged Crossbills, also a lifer.

First Snowy Owl ever!!

 One of my favorite pictures, a pure white owl yawning.
Snowy Owl Yawning
 We saw a Great Horned Owl also.

Stay tuned for the full post!

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