Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ontario - 2013 - Niagara and Bird Kingdom

We went to Niagara for the day. We also went to Bird Kingdom, a tropical bird aviary place. Since it was all tropical birds I barely knew any of the birds but later identified most of them from their website.

A gull
 The Falls
Niagara Falls
 In a building we were in near the falls house sparrows were nesting everywhere in the building, in big letters, on the wall, on a wall covered in vines, etc... Outside the building there were a lot of gulls. We saw a lot of Double-crested Cormorants flying around the falls.  We went behind the falls too.
A House Sparrow nest

House Sparrow eating

The falls

The US falls

Cormorant rock

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Bird Kingdom
I had almost no idea what any of the birds were because they
were all tropical and I never had time to read the signs that said
what they were because I was taking pictures. I later 
identified most of them from their website though.
 Bird Kingdom was very fun and interesting.

'Lola' the albino Burmese Python

                                     A thing about Passenger Pigeons

The Laughing Kookaburra 

Red-footed Tortoise

 We got the Kookaburra to 'laugh', it is VERY loud.
The Kookaburra

Bearded Dragon

A waving Blue and Gold Macaw

Alexandrine Parakeet.

An African-gray Parrot and Yellow-headed Amazon

Tokay Gecko

Alexandrine Parakeet
This parakeet was very funny because he copied almost everything
you said. I said 'hi' and he said 'hello' back. We whistled and he copied us.

Argentine Black & White Tegu

Green Iguana

The waving Macaw

Green-winged Macaw

Alexandrine Parakeet

Green Iguana
Red-winged Laughingthrush

Female Mandarin Duck

Ringed Teal

White-throated Laughingthrush

Superb Starling 

Silver Pheasent

Nicobar Pigeon

Royal Starling, these always reminded me of colorful

White-throated Laughingthrush

Giant Wood Rail

White-throated Laughingthrush

Java Sparrow

Emerald Starling

Pied Imperial Starling

Red-capped Cardinal

juvenile Scarlet Ibis

Red-crested Turaco

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Pied Imperial Starling

Silver Pheasent

Silvery-cheeked Hornbill


Red-crested Turaco

Juvenile Scarlet Ibis

Scarlet Ibis with baby ibis

Nicobar Pigeon

Scarlet Ibis with baby

Scarlet Ibis
 The Nocturnal section was very interesting, I loved the bats. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed a flash so I turned the ISO up.
Egyptian Fruit Bat

Egyptian Fruit Bats

Boobook Owl

Indian Flying Foxes (they are bats)

White-cheeked Bulbul

Zebra Finch taking a bath

Zebra Finch

Collared Finchbill

I can't figure out what this is

Bare-eyed Cockatoo, also known as the Little Corella
This one is called 'Baby'. He was quite talkative, he said things like
'I'm Baby', 'Hello' 'Bye' 'Peanuts' and other stuff.

Zebra Dove

Gouldian Finch

Laughing Kookaburra

Green-winged Macaw