Sunday, June 16, 2013

Killdeer Family

Near our house there is a family of Killdeer. Killdeer are a type plover. We saw two kids but there might be more.  We got some okay pictures even though they going away from us and we could not get very close. Killdeer have two black stripes on their white chest, brown heads and over parts, large eyes and in flight sometimes look like mini seagulls. The Killdeer were sitting on the "nest" with the baby's. Killdeer don't really have nests, the're mostly like a spot to sit on the ground.
We also went to a nearby field to take pictures of a Red-winged Blackbird.                                                                      

Red-winged Blackbird


Killdeer parent with kids

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  1. We have some kildeer nesting in our back field and they get very frantic when Sky approaches them! They "scream" and swoop!